Commercial Market Expansion 

Aegis works with corporate officers to anticipate future challenges, thwart them, and identify opportunities to create increased value for shareholders as well as ancillary benefits for allied stakeholders.  


Creating a Competitive Edge: Cultivating International Linkages for U.S. Businesses

Synopsis: A pharmaceuticals company in New Jersey approached Aegis to help obtain vital raw ingredients located in European production markets. A pending GSP petition, if approved by the Administration, would have given monopolistic abilities in quantity and price control to another international corporate competitor; forcing prices for these pharmaceutical ingredients to skyrocket. This hostile action would have eroded market share and profits for Aegis' client.

Results: Aegis assisted the client in obtaining exclusive rights to the raw ingredients and blocked a potential pharmaceutical monopoly from developing. Working with members of Congress and key European diplomats, Aegis successfully negotiated the cancellation of the pending GSP petition and arranged an agreement between the client and petitioning country for the exclusive rights to the raw ingredients. As a result, Aegis' client gained superior market share and increased its profits significantly. 


"Mario -- [This] wouldn't have been possible without you and your firm. Many thanks."  - Cyril C. Baldwin, Jr. Chairman and CEO, Cambrex Corporation.